Gel Face Mask Face Care Women

>  Cold compress can shrink capillaries, tighten skin, prevent skin from sagging, maintain facial skin elasticity.

> It can help tp reduce significantly black circle.

> It can be used for cold and hot compresses, relieve fatigue, and is suitable for people to do a long-term work on the desk, and also becomes the favorite of white-collar women in office.

> Cold compress: put it in the refrigerator, after pre-cooling (4-10 degrees refrigerated) for 30 minutes, you can wear it on your face. It is usually worn for 5-10 minutes and can also be extended according to individual symptoms. No side effects.

> Hot compress: put it in warm water for about 2-3 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, or microwave in the middle of 30 seconds - 1 minute

> Whether you are using it for hot or cold therapy, the temperature should not be too hot or cold. Avoid the function of causing product damage and damaging the gel beads.

Material: high quality PVC, water, edible coloring

> Soft, easy to use, obvious effect, and can be reused.

> The opp bag is packaged separately.

> Size: about 20*20 (cm)

> Packaging list- (1*mask)